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"No one man, or group of men, can himself speak for the Church of Christ. It is nonetheless possible to speak from within the Church, in conformity with Orthodox tradition; and it is this that we shall attempt to do." Fr. Seraphim Rose Orthodox Word #1 Jan-Feb 1965 p. 17

About Joanna Higginbotham

location: Liberty, Tennessee

Born:  1950
Raised:  American Protestant in the Midwest USA
Baptized:  1996 
Patron:  St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco
Jurisdiction: ROCA
Bishop: Metropolitan Agafangel [Pashovsky] of Odessa (our hero)

2017-     (house church)  Nashville TN   ROCOR     Fr. John Mahan
2008-17    Annunciation   Liberty   TN   ROCOR     Fr. Gregory Williams 2016
2007-08    St. Martin's   Corvallis OR   RocorMP   Fr. James Baglien
2005-07    St. Martin's   Corvallis OR   ROCOR     Fr. James Baglien
2001-05    St. Stephen    Old Forge PA   ROCOR     Fr. German Ciuba
1999-01    Annunciation   Liberty   TN   ROCOR     Fr. Gregory Williams
1999-99    Holy Trinity   Rochelle  TX   ROCOR     Fr. Patrick Hubbard †2000
1998-99    St. Nicholas'  Stratford CT   ROCOR     Fr. Stavros Rousos
1995-98    St. Symeon's   B'ham     AL   OCA       Fr. Alexander Fecanin

 Things I like from the world:

 Favorite music 
 Pineapple Rag 

 Favorite movies
 Purdie Wars 
 Beverly Hillbillies: Collard Greens

 Favorite book 
 People of the Lie 
 M. Scott Peck


Old German.  Ickenbaum  Hiknebotham  Higginbotham
Dutch.  Hoogenboom   Hogenboham  Higinbotham

Hoogenboom is thought likely to be a corruption of Higginbotham, which would mean "lofty tree" though there are some who hold that the Dutch word is Eikenboom, answering of the German Eichenbaum, an oak tree.

Hiknebotham. Higginbotham. Dutch . . Hoogenboom. Hogenboham. Higinbotham. In the earlier documents the name is frequently spelt Higinbothom

other spellings:  Higenbottam.  Higgenbotham.

English (Lancashire and Yorkshire): habitational name from a place in Lancashire now known as Oakenbottom. The history of the place name is somewhat confused, but it is probably composed of the Old English elements ǣcen or ācen ‘oaken’ + botme ‘broad valley’. During the Middle Ages this name became successively Eakenbottom and Ickenbottom, the first element becoming associated with the dialect word hicken or higgen ‘mountain ash’ or the personal name Higgin.

Tennessee - The Volunteer State
Well before the Civil War was started, the north understood exactly what it was fighting for.  Slavery was the underlying issue, but the north knew well its purpose for fighting was to preserve the union. For southerners, though, it was not so clear.  Few southerners actually owned slaves, and they were not that enthusiastic about fighting a war for the benefit of the plantation oligarchs.  Many southerners fought simply because the union army crossed over the borders into their state.  Yankees were seen as an aggressive invader.  The civil war historian, Shelby Foote, relates the story of one southern soldier who, when asked by a squad of Union soldiers why he was fighting, said he was fighting "because you're here."

I had never heard the name Higginbotham until I met Mr. Higginbotham.  It sounded so strange to me, laughable, it reminded me of "Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle".  Mr. Higginbotham said his ancestors were German.   But in the years that followed, all of the people who commented to me about the name thought it was English.  No relation to us, there was a Higginbotham Oil Company in Pelham, Alabama, just two towns north of us. The long tankers would be seen frequently on the roads.  I used to tease Mr. Higginbotham, "Do you know why that tanker truck is so long?"  "No. Why?"   "So's to fit all them letters in your name."  Every time I asked him if he knew why that tanker truck was so long, he'd always answer, "No. Why?"

I was raised by a Lutheran son of a devout Lutheran hymnographer.  I was taught to respect my elders.  Anyone older is an elder.  Even if the elder is older by less than a minute, such as in the case of twins, the one born first is the elder.  I was required to be respectful of my older siblings, older cousins, older kids in the neighborhood, whether they deserved respect or not.  At the same time I was required to care for and protect those younger than I, whether they appreciated it or not.

A message for converts: Anyone who has been in the Church longer than you have is your elder.  It is highly disrespectful for you to presume the role of "teacher" with your elders in the Faith.  It is not your place to correct your elder even if you think he is drop dead wrong.  Do not correct your elders.  Do not argue or debate with your elders.  

Regardless, there is a canon forbidding catechumens and newly-baptized to teach.  This referred to teaching the younger in the Faith.  That the younger were not permitted to teach their elders went without saying.

Joseph Suaiden NFTU is a jurisdictional ecumenist, and a psychopath.