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"No one man, or group of men, can himself speak for the Church of Christ. It is nonetheless possible to speak from within the Church, in conformity with Orthodox tradition; and it is this that we shall attempt to do." Fr. Seraphim Rose Orthodox Word #1 Jan-Feb 1965 p. 17

Royal Path

updated 14April2017

When ROCOR(MP) united with the MP in 2007, it left the Royal Path and joined with World Orthodoxy. Many went into World Orthodoxy along with it.  Others went into various Super-Correct ("True") Churches.  And a remnant remains on the Royal Path, recognizing ROCA under Agafangel as the sole valid continuation of ROCOR.

This "map" shows where our ROCA has its place in Orthodoxy:

Royal Path Jurisdictions

Old Calendar Greek (Kallinikos)
Old Calendar Bulgarians
Old Calendar Romanians
ROCA (Agafangel)
Free Serbians in Australia

-only Old Calendar
-not ecumenical
-not in WCC, not in SCOBA
-considered Cyprianite heretics by the "True" Churches
-considered schismatics and right wing extremists by World Orthodoxy
-4 Churches only: Old Calendar Bulgarians, Old Calendar Romanians, Old Calendar Greeks, ROCA (Met. Agafangel)
-All in communion with each other

*note: the ROCOR recognizes the imprisoned Patriarch Irenaios as the true Patriarch of Jerusalem, and commemorates him when serving in his territory (but not otherwise).  The Sister Churches are not in complete agreement with this.

non-Royal Path Jurisdictions

-New calendar or else new-calendar friendly
-SCOBA ("Official") membership [a.k.a.: Episcopal Assembly of North America]
-WCC membership
-ecumenical, renovationists, modernism
-renovationism disease: flip side of super-correctness disease 
-considered liberals to varying degrees
-books by Schmemann, Hopko and Matthews-Greene
-Numerous Churches: EP, Antiochians, OCA, MP, ROCOR(MP), Serbian Church, GOARCH, Elder Ephriam, Mt. Athos (except Esphigmenou),... with varying degrees of modernism/renovationism
-under either Pat. Bartholomew or Pat. Kyrill, or given autocephaly by one of them
-All in communion with each other
-Some in communion with heretics
-characterized as fallen into apostasy [as opposed to being in schism]

-a.k.a. "Traditional Churches"
-only Old Calendar
-not ecumenical, anti-ecumenists
-not in WCC, not in SCOBA
-considered right wing extreme, super-correct, phariseeism, 
-super-correctness disease: flip side of renovationism disease
-Greek (Matthewites, Florinites, Lamians, HOCNA) 
-books by Dr. Vladimir Moss, high importance placed on Ph.D.
-none are in communion with each other
-generally characterized as being in schism [as opposed to fallen into apostasy]

  

Off The Map

-without formal organization
-in process of becoming extinct

Roman Catholic
Coptic (Monophysite)
Uniate (with Rome)
Old Believers
These have gone so extremely to either the right or the left that they are outside the Church

"Archbishop" Gregory (George Lourie) of Colorado (vigante bishop)
American Orthodox Church
Christ The Savior Brotherhood under Herman Podmoshensky
Milan Synod, and its branches are considered a Soviet front
   "Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles, within the Tomos of Union with the True Orthodox Churches of Greece, Russia, and Italy", a.k.a. Milan synod
   "GOC-John", a.k.a. Milan synod

Elder Ephraim monasteries

What Fr. Seraphim said about the Super-correct:

The "Right wing" of Orthodoxy in the future is likely to be divided into many small jurisdictions that will compete with each other and anathematize each other.  For us it would be enough if our Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia was able to stay safe and keep the right direction - without deviation to the left, as a reaction against the zealots.  We must maintain a living contact with Russian clergy of the older generation, even if some of them seem to us too liberal, otherwise we just get lost in the zealot jungle which is growing up around us.  First of all, of course, our teachers should be the pillars of the older generation: Archbishop John, Archbishop Averky (Taushev), Bishop Nektary and the like." 

 Letter to Alexey Young, Third Day of Trinity, June 2/15, 1976.

The Royal Path by Fr. Seraphim Rose

     The Royal Path Sister Churches rejoice in both their outward and inward unity.  But the non-Royal Path Churches are characterized by division.
     World Orthodoxy boasts only of an outward unity. They overlook their inward differences with each other. This is one definition of ecumenism.
     The super-correct Churches have no outward unity, but some of them do have a certain mutual recognition of an "inward unity" on a peer level.  They recognize each other as "peer" jurisdictions, and are rivals at the same time.

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(Suggestions for additions/amendments to this post welcomed and requested from senior ROCA members, – 'senior' meaning above me in age or rank.)

Royal Path is not an ecclesiology.  It is a place.  It is the Heavenly Church.  The Heavenly Church HAS an ecclesiology, but she is not defined by an ecclesiology – rather she is the definer of the ecclesiology.

ROCA is a.k.a. ROCOR

ROCA is Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.  It is also called ROCOR: the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.  This is the Russian Church that left Russia during the Bolshevik persecution.  Historically she has also been referred to as The Russian Orthodox Church in Exile, or simply, The Synod.

ROCOR-MP calls itself ROCOR.   
ROCOR-MP is the larger part of ROCOR that left ROCOR and joined the MP in 2007.   
ROCOR-MP is under Metropolitan Hilarion.
ROCOR-MP is sometimes referred to as ROCOR-H and rarely as MPOR.

Any group calling itself ROCOR: check to see who is the Metropolitan. 
   Agafangel is the metropolitan of the real ROCOR.
   Hilarion is the metropolitan of the ROCOR-MP formed 2007.
   Anthony is ROCiE (a schism of ROCOR) formed 2001.
   Victor is another ROCiE (a schism of ROCOR)
   Andronik & Sophrony are bishops in a schism of ROCA formed 2017.

Really there is no such thing as "ROCOR-A".  The "A" in ROCOR-A is supposed to stand for (Metropolitan) Agafangel.  But we do not call ourselves anything except ROCA or ROCOR, because we are the sole valid continuation of the historic ROCA.   Most people who refer to us as ROCOR-A do so without meaning to offend us.  But our enemies use the term ROCOR-A to insult us.   Sometimes the ROCiE under Anthony is referred to as ROCOR-A.