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"No one man, or group of men, can himself speak for the Church of Christ. It is nonetheless possible to speak from within the Church, in conformity with Orthodox tradition; and it is this that we shall attempt to do." Fr. Seraphim Rose Orthodox Word #1 Jan-Feb 1965 p. 17

Our New Bishop Gregory's Speech

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This Hieromonk Grigoriya (Petrenko) at narechenii in Bishop (RPTSZ)
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Speech at Bishop narechenii in San Paulo, Brazil and South American

Preosvyaschenneyshie Lord!

When in 1986 we visited the whole semeyu Sv.Troitsky Monastery in Dzhordanvilli, болящий o.igumen Gury said my mother pointing at me, he will have a bishop. We adopted it for a joke болящего rights. But when the Lord called to him, my beloved mother in his village of Paradise, and began a kind of hint, and the pressure both from the clergy, and laity, I realized that the words were prophetic.

And now, when will Vsevyshnyago the time has come to the execution of this prophecy, fear, trembling and awe filled my whole being. Starting a sacrament of episcopal hirotonii bring myself to remember host mastitis архипастырей which heard and read some personally knew, most had already retired in eternity, or even live, but all adorn the doctrine, wisdom, devout and the great church culture. And now, when should I join their ranks and take the apostolic milot, the fear fills my soul. The fear that the most his assumption in this sacred cathedral, I lower the level of episcopal rank, for I know that this grace can not strictly fit into the receptacle unclean, and I, except for his weakness, is many grehmi strastmi and acquired its own will. And I would like to search for a crack in the ground to hide it from Всевидящего Oka God, but "from before thee, O Lord, Kamo bezhu?"

You Preosvyaschenneyshie Lord, the Lord calls me unfit to serve His Holy Church in apostolic rank. But what conditions are now the Holy Church! If the ancient fathers have horrified people complained about the retreat of faith and the Church, now we can very safely say that living in apocalyptic times, because apostasiya has reached its climax.

False teachers and lzhehristy conquered himself almost the entire world. Due to withdrawal of restraint anointed of God, then all the spiritual values and not now the rulers, who fear it would be evil, evil that venerates the Holy Orthodox Church. The so-called "world Orthodoxy" has already entered into long-track world of globalization, which is aimed at preparing humanity to take a world ruler and god of the earth, the Antichrist.

The trick evil sumela decomposed and conquer themselves so strong in the past, the Church Abroad, which has for 80 years been the bastion of orthodoxy and a beacon of integrity and truth bezkompromisnoy. Incredible temptation exploded inside nashei R.P.TS.Z. as a bomb and scattered in every loyal truscheby, which must now collect a neshey topping task. But the aid decomposition starayutsya вбить in us the spirit of globalization. Blurred boundaries between nations, national values are dying, turning people into one bezformennuyu mass. But a strange paradox: in the world when it was divided into nation-states warring among themselves, it was a lot more love than now, when the external unity became so much anger.

Here's to the difficulties is our Bishopric survivor R.P.TS.Z. And this cross arhiereystva assume Al and sinful. Much I need help, but most require a purely grace of God, the grace of wisdom and understanding that would help me pay tribute to God of Gods and Caesarea caesarean, to be able to be indulgent to the infirmities of men, and steadfast in the truth, even to martyrdom.
Pray for me, Preosvyaschenneyshie Lord, the last and peccant Hieromonk and you orthodox people to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Trinity Slavimy, the prayers of His Pure Mother, mistress of Prisnodevy and Mary, I performed the spiritual riches of grace the Holy Duha. Amen! 26.07/08.08 2009.


2009-08-09 03:29 am UTC (link)
Good (which is the main thing - god-fearing), speech, and shows that the observation belongs (in the spiritual, in the sense of truthful) person.
"Blurred boundaries between nations, national values are dying, turning people into one bezformennuyu mass. But a strange paradox: in the world when it was divided into nation-states warring among themselves, it was a lot more love than now, when the union entered into outside the so - a lot of anger. "
Indeed, inter alia, in the old days, when this modern "unity" was not - it was much better. And because it was - naturally, because this "association" which, in fact - depersonalization - unnatural for humans.
This is - united in death, because death faceless, - of course - less than the difference, which is - in life! Equality in death - is worse than the inequality in life. Indeed, the unified modern state, which, in general, that was only formally (since it does not belong to himself, because included in the Global: International community to the world ") - is not exactly the meaning of life for the people under its administration, and imposed on him nonsense.


AXIOS! AXIOS! AXIOS! to Our New Bishop Gregory!
2009-08-09 05:38 pm UTC (link)
And, Many Years! Mnogaya Leta! ro our new Bishop Gregory, of Sao Paulo and South America!
May God truly bless and protect and give him strength!
Congratulations from all our ROCA North American faithful.
Reader Daniel Everiss