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"No one man, or group of men, can himself speak for the Church of Christ. It is nonetheless possible to speak from within the Church, in conformity with Orthodox tradition; and it is this that we shall attempt to do." Fr. Seraphim Rose Orthodox Word #1 Jan-Feb 1965 p. 17


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Subject: ROAC and KGB
From: [Fr. Dcn. Stephen]
Date: Mon, July 6, 2009 2:21 pm
To: "Joanna Higginbotham"

Hi Joanna,
This bit here might interest you in context to KGB. This is from the orthodox-tradition list a few months ago:


Alexandre de Bonnefoi (From a part of ROCiE):
Nobody can show that the resolution of the Hierarchical Synod of ROCA in 1996 (that defrocked Met. Valentine)
comes from a canonical court.

Fr. Eliah (x-ROCOR, x-ROCiE, x-Milan Synod, now in HOCNA):
Anyone who knows anything about the canons knows that
Metropolitan Valentin must be judged by HIS OWN SYNOD, Anybody
can see the that Church OUTSIDE Russia has no jurisdiction
INSIDE Russia. No ecclsesiastical charges have ever been
brought against him, in any Synod. Never.
Civil charges were brought in a Civil Court but those
were found to be baseless, and the nature of the Government
courts have just been shown again on Good Friday.
Since You will not answer my direct questions we must all
suppose that you do not know what you are talking about.
Am I being too subtle?

Fr. Tikhon (From a part of ROCiE): Dear Father Elia and dear Alexandre de Bonnefoi
In many of your letters you warn in earnest against anyone toying with
Orthodoxy to one's liking. Don't let's play any games in this case
too. Let us not forget that at that time the Church was one true and as
yet undivided, and the Synodal decisions were valid and in a sense God

The case of Bp. Valentine originated from multiple testimonies of
his immorality, so the first synodal meetings at which his case was
considered dealt precisely with these problems rather than any
canonical violations. I still wonder if Bp. Gregory did not know about
the serious charges against Valentine, or gave it a blind eye?
Howbeit this was the one case that did not give him credit, however
much one can love his other extremely useful activities as a staunch
defender of Orthodoxy. . . .

Fr. Tikhon (responding again) : Dear Father (Eliah) Christ is risen!
I really hate to have to argue with you, be it in regard of this
situation which I do know more about than you or Mr Moss, even if I
love you both. I was Bp Valentine's only second ordination after his
own elevation to episcopacy, and that was in March of 1991. I and
around 40 students of our seminary officially joined ROCA in January
1989 when I came from Russia to meet Metropolitan Vitaly on the
synodal premises in New York. In between I also visited Bp Mark in his
monastery near Munich (1990). Since early 1990 we held regular
services in my single-room apartment in Moscow and commemorated M.
Vitaly as our first hierarch (priest Sergiy Kiperman conducted the
services who is now in Germany with Mark), and that was when Suzdal
was yet in MP and Valentine was still writing reports to KGB
describing his meetings with foreigners (his own words in public).

Did I ever say the bride was not beatiful? All I said was she was just
a little bit pregnant. I stayed with Valentine for 2 and a half years
and could not wish for any better bishop than he was, but soon as I
came to be dead sure something was amiss in the Danish Kingdom, we
left quietly and without much ado. When Vladimir Moss asked me what
were my grounds for leaving, I referred him to the words of St Paul who
said that such guys do not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. How can they
lead their flock to salvation when they have lost any hope of it
themselves? Until a thorough repentance of cource, but there has been
none yet as of now.

PS. Vladimir was writing his essay before he had first-hand experience
living in Suzdal for a few years and then leaving Valentine on the
same grounds as I did. Now, he would have applied some corrective
strokes to some details of his account.
Please, do not be angry with me. "Plato is my friend but the truth is
more important..."

Rejoice in the Risen Christ,
Fr Tikhon