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Urgent Time Sensitive Appeal

Good news & urgent appeal
Sunday, October 11, 2009 5:57 PM
From: "Fr. Gregory Williams"
To: haitianorthodoxmission@yahoogroups.com

Blessings! I'll make this short and to the point.
The good news first: I returned home Friday evening to find an e-mail from Feed My Starving Children (which had previously told me we couldn't hope for a food shipment before the end of December) informing me that they would have a shipment ready for loading on 3 November. That's 23,000 pounds of food for about 400 hungry children & their instructors.

BUT -- it has to get from Aurora IL to Port-au-Prince before it will do them any good.

I pursued a lead for free government-subsidized shipping, to no avail. It's suitable only for giant agencies with vast storage yards. After all the red tape is cleared, the shipment has to await the arrival of a government inspector to certify the shipment, then wait again (likely several weeks) for space-available transport. All in all (even if it were workable), minimum transit time would have to be measured in months -- many of them.

I don't yet have a quote for freight cost, but we can certainly expect it to be somewhat higher than last year (a little under $5500). We don't have the money! And I can't confirm acceptance of the donation until I have reasonable certainty of having it in time to prepay the freight (a week or so before shipment).

What does this mean? Unless we can raise this sum (and there's no reserve in the Mission account even to make a dent in it) by the end of next week (24 Oct.) we're likely to lose the donation -- it will simply be given to some other group.

So PLEASE! Scrape as deeply as you can. Talk to your friends. Hold a bake sale. Sell something you don't really need. We did it last year (but had a lot longer time in which to do it) -- by God's grace we can do it again!

In Christ Jesus,
Fr. Gregory Williams