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"No one man, or group of men, can himself speak for the Church of Christ. It is nonetheless possible to speak from within the Church, in conformity with Orthodox tradition; and it is this that we shall attempt to do." Fr. Seraphim Rose Orthodox Word #1 Jan-Feb 1965 p. 17

Meeting Minutes Australia 12/25/13

The Protocals, [Minutes] of the recent Church Meeting of the Australian/New Zealand Dioceses of ROCA  12/25/14

RUSSKAZ PRAVOSLAVNAZ CHURCH ABROAD Avstraliyskaz and New Zelandskaz Eparhiz

Abbot John Administrator Australian and New Zealander Diocese 266 Nowhere Creek Rd Nowhere Creek 3469 Tel. 0422-556-968

Metropolitan Agafangel Odessa , Eastern U.S. and Nu Yurksky 1 , St. Michael's Square

Time : Saturday 12/25.1.2014 , 3h . 

Location: The monastic enclosure, Monastery of St. Sava (New Kalenich ), Hall, NSW , 

were present : John O. Schmelz , O. Nebojsa Mirkovic , O. Basil Yakimov . Apologies: O. Aidrey Erastov ordained Fr. Basil Yakimov his representative .

Minutes of the meeting

1. Appointment of the secretary of the meeting A. Nebojsa Mirkovic appointed secretary.

 . Fertilizer the previous protocols . All prisutsvuyuschii fertilized Minutes of the last meeting ( in Melbourne 04/29/13 ).

Father John said he had not received minutes of the meeting of the parish council Yaraville from joining the meeting at which decided to look stauropegic status. O. Basil said he had received e-mail from the parish council , where it says that the parish has already received stauropegic status of Metropolitan Agafangel . Father John asked him to send him a copy of the e-mail , and also the decree of Metropolitan Agafangel parish about the case.

Happened to the agenda : a. Report on the visit to the Metropolitan Agafangel Avtralii . b. Report on the visit to Ukraine, father Nebojsa

 . Report on the visit to the Metropolitan Agafangel Avtralii . Father John explained that to sozhaleinyu , praktnichnye circumstances in Ukraine prevented Metropolitan Avtstraliyu visit . In Ukraine there is no Avtraliyskoy ambassady . Metropolitan still wants to come , and we must all work for it , though not in this case Sach necessary. O. Basil confirmed that although there is no need to visit , it would be good for our people in Australia. O. Basil also said that it would be good to coordinate a visit with one of his visits Bishop Ambrose ( Synod in Resistance ) , to be able to render and discuss mutually important issues.

Resolved: To accept the report.

4 . Reports of the parishes and communities a. Parish of the Holy Virgin , Melbourne.
Odessa Ukraine
Date 14/27.1.2014

O. Basil talked about parish life in the parish of the Holy Virgin in Melbourne ( Yaravill ) . Parish grows , parishioners and Russian , Greeks and Serbs , there are also some areas of Dandenong . The parish is no longer considered " divisive " among people in Melbourne. There are four reader and Sunday school .
Resolved: To accept the report.

  b. Parish of St. . Ioann Kranshtadtskogo , Sydney O. Nebojsa spoke about the parish of St. . Rights. John of Kronstadt in Sydney. Metropolitan blessed the creation of our new parish. Celebrated the first feast day of the 2nd of January and serve on Sundays and public holidays . O. Nebojsa said that he is very busy secular work, and therefore there are some exceptions. Gradually improves, the interior of the temple , which is still placed in the house. Several worried that consider joining a "sect ", partly from the fact that our Church registirovana . For the same reason can not declare about services. So , people want to see the church building is not the house church . O. Nebojsa intends to request the bishop Ambrose local Serbs declare that there are services in his parish in Slavic and Serbian , to him more and more people have learned.

Resolved: Took svedeniyu.O . Nebojsa - svyazastsya with Bishop Ambrose about the possibility of declaring to the Serbs .

  c. Blagoveschenka abode , Nowhere Creek Father John spoke about the Annunciation monastery. Two staff member , every several months probyvali in the community, helping with the work . The community itself will provide. Local Orthodox gradually show more interest and have interest from the Serbs. Construction is still hoping to finish them for a year .
Resolved: To accept the report.

  d. Brizben Father John spoke about the parish of St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in the Free Brizbene , where he served as the last year. Russian parishioner John Rodionova postrygli a reader in November 2013. There are other Russian who visit of the parish , so you can imagine the creation of a community of our Church in Brizbene that could meet in the Serbian church. O. Basil suggested that about . John attended Brizbena every six months , if possible.

Father John also noted that in the Russian Brizbene are several church groups , and that people slyshkom weak to take something more ...

Then there was a discussion about Bishop Filaret ( Simansky ) in Brizbene ( ROCA (V - V) ), and his son Constantine deacon (ROCOR (MP) ) . O. Basil said that it seems that the last reconciled with his father, and perhaps that is not so close to the ROCOR ( MP). Basil O. intends to contact . Constantine, to find out if he Nearing our Church.

Next was also discussion about about . Euphemia ( Samorukova ) , who lives in Geelong after left the monastery of Our Lady of Kazan in Sydney (ROCOR (MP) ) . O. Basil said that he wants to communicate with . Euphemia, who has previously expressed an interest in the way our Church. \
Resolved: To accept the report. O. Basil - contact Fr. Constantine and simovsky . Evphymii Samorukova for discussion.

  e. Canberra O. Basil said that he attends services at the monastery of St. serbskoa . Sava . In general, the Russian in Canberra decided to stay home and not go to church in response to the church separation. With the new igumenon monastery , Fr. Christopher , easy to serve, and . Basil hopes that he will be a positive influence on the Canberra.
Resolved : To note
  f. Perth O. Basil said that about . Andrew visited Perth once and served there , but there is no way to create a  community .

Resolved: To accept the report.

5 . Seen Metropolitan Agathangelus Father Nebojsa Nebojsa O. spoke about his visit to Ukraine and Metropolitan Agathangelus . Ordination to the priesthood took place in the day over. John of Kronstadt in Odessa. Dalshe was discussion about pressure . Nebojsa from the ordination of the local Serbs in the Serbian Church in the Free Avtsralii .

O. Nebojsa also visited the Monastery of St.. John of Shanghai , where in a few days concelebrated with Fr. Macarius ( Foster) . O. Basil remarked that he knows from the seminary . O. Nebojsa very impressed with our church in the Ukraine , and said that service in the monastery were beautiful.

In discussions , Metropolitan Agafangel confirmed that it controls our diocese . Also confirmed that he supports the registration of our Church, and that the arrival of the Intercession of the Mother of God is also part of Avtraliyskoy Diocese. He blessed the creation of a new parish in honor of St. . John of Kronstadt , and that it served the Church Slavonic , Serbian and English . Metropolitan expressed his desire to visit Avtstraliyu , and also a desire to see more ordering church life in Australia . It supports the creation of a website , as in all other dioceses have such .

Resolved: To accept the report.

6. Discussion of plans to continue further development of the Australian Diocese
  a. Discussion of the needs of the Australian population who otnosyatsyay ROCOR . Was to discuss the need to support existing communities of our Church in Australia, and also the need to create new communities across Australia . For example, in Brizbene . In Sydney , there are now coming to not only Russian , but also for the Serbs , who still had no parish visit.

All agreed that they want to see our church etablirovannoy and recorded.
Missioneskie efforts are also needed in English . All agreed that the site is the only real way of missionary work in our circumstances and that it should be available in all languages ​​(English, Russian and ? Serbian ) . O. Nebojsa expressed a desire to help with the web site . All agreed that it is necessary to embrace all the parishes of the Church in Australia. O. Nebojsa noticed that need just a general forum ROCA , such as this website - not a separate parish web pages .

Farther on . Basil noticed that about . Peter and Sheko . Alexis Rosentool (ROCOR (MP) ) unhappy situation. He them ( and many others ) regularly sends information electronically. O. Basil offered to parishioners of the Church gave their e-mail addresses to the priests , that we absorbed contact electronically.

Official discussed right to issue marriage. Father John asked if there was a problem in the approach as a civilian " tselebrant ", for example in the code of conduct civilized tselebrantov mentions that tselebrant must formally asking all brakosochetat , including, for example , homosexuals. O. Basil explained that about . Andrew trained at almost civilized tselebranta , and that he had no such problems of moral practice in the Orthodox Church . O. Basil seems that when Fr. Andrei registered, the other priests of the Church could also become civilized tselebrantami getting a room on the state. O. Nebojsa requested that further learned about the approach as a civilian tselebrant .

Father John said that the automatic status tselebranta given only through church organizations to register and then precisely because the moral and ritual and rules common to all tselebrantov of the organization (for example - the Roman Catholic Church) - Otherwise, every priest must separately undergoing training to become tselebrantom civility .

Resolved: Discussion took svedeniyu.Prodolzhat work on a web site and over the desk. All - learn more about the issue of the right to marry officially .

  b. Discussion of how to further develop the ROCOR Avtralii
     i. Register agreed that global website on the internet and check our Church would strengthen our people and communities. O. Basil support the physical , that registration would be desirable .

Resolved: To all - continue to work and find out information about registering Diocese.

     ii. Website. All agreed that the site is the best way to contact with people who . All also agreed that he would give our people and communities some unity and identity of the ROCOR in Australia. O. Basil said that he is ready to send news and announcements on the web site. Individual parish web page would not have enough materials and news . Father John said that he should announce the schedule , or at least the time of services on the website . O. Nebojsa also noticed that could Connect option statements and messages Metropolitan also transfers from the site "internetsobor.org". O. Basil expressed disappointment that the Easter message in English Metropolitan sent very late. Father John implies that there are not enough translators to ospravitsya with all necessary materials , and that this process must continue .

Father John noticed that there are several options domayn names. Death . Org.au intended only for registered organizations . If the organization is not responsible for the site, then it registers individual people . O. Basil said that has experience from arrival in Canberra, and that the site should begin as soon as possible . His arrival then started the page as "freebie", and then it was recorded when she was etablirovana . Father John said that the situation is different now , as you can see that there are groups that could express aggressivnost ensure that our church was on the internet, which could come from treasury - domayn behalf of another group. O. Basil offers several options for domayin name. O. Nebojsa said that the name must match a page by The registered organization. A. Vasil expressed that he cares what domayi - name registration can be expensive, and that 's why you need to start without formal registration .

Resolved: Continue to work on the creation of diocesan website.

     iii. Next pastoral meetings , everyone agreed that more frequent pastoral meetings would be desirable for the good of the Church . Also , you need to render when and where possible, for example , in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra.

Resolved: To hold more frequent meetings patsyrskie and render when possible.

     iv. Methods dostych people O. Nebojsa said he has contacts with radio channel in Sydney. He agreed to learn more about this alternative at the next meeting .
We discussed whether we should still hope for a personal touch to spread the mission of our Church. O. Basil said that the main way to dostych people is online , since it enables people svyazastsya us. Father John said that in general, people are very weak and have little initiative to start something most .

Resolved: O. Nebojsa - contact with a radio channel in Sydney. All - Continue work on a diocesan website.

     v. Maintaining new and suschestvuzschih communities to discuss what communities need more of our Church in Australia. O. Basil said he has contacts some people in Sydney who could support our new arrival . He promised to send contacts about . Nebojsa .

Resolved: O. Basil - contact with people who in Sydney.

     vi. Youth Congress . Father John suggested the idea that it was possible to hold the youth congress of our Church in the Monastery of St. . Sava in Canberra, where there are all the necessary facilities for such taken. O. Basil said that last year , people learned about later slyshkom Serbian children's camp , and this year , he did not hear from people about it.

Resolved: To note

7. Discussion of rules in the Regulation on ROCOR ( Dioceses and Diocesan Councils ) (version 1964 ) , and how they can be in osuschestvovat Avtsralii .
Father John said that we need to consider what are the options for the structure of our church organization in Australia. O. Basil said that the registration is necessary that all worked out , so that all were in agreement . Father John offered to study in detail Regulations . Expressed disappointment that the meeting is not acquainted with this document to discuss it more fruitful . More about . John noticed that need detailed examination of the document by the clergy and parish representatives also Peder next meeting . If you have questions or objections about the Regulations , it is necessary to ask those in writing to discuss them at the next meeting .

Resolved: All - study in detail the Regulation on ROCA before the next meeting.

8. Discussion of options for registering structures diocesan organization , the rules of each of them , and how to combine them with the rules of the Regulations of the ROCA .

Father John said that Metropolitan supports take the Regulations on the basis of the ROCOR to the creation of our Diocesan Church organization. He explained the different approaches to this in Australia , for example, signing in as incorporation or «company limited by guarantee». All options have their advantages and disadvantages. For example , incorporation allowed to operate only in one state , and its rules - must follow a fairly rigid framework. All options ( and in particular CGL) level will require a well-known administration and about. John was not sure whether we have the resources on this ? O. Basil soglaven that can be difficult to fulfill all administrative requirements in the present situation of our Church. Father John requested that all meeting participants met the proposed options in detail , so we could discuss the issue in more detail.

Resolved: All - study options organizational structure , and all report and for their congregations to prepare to address this issue at the next meeting .

9. financial report
Father John spoke about Fr John presented the costs associated with the Diocese in 2013 , and the envisaged costs for the coming year. In 2013 , approximately $ 900 was expended, mainly on travel to parishes primarily on travel to parishes.

Resolved: To note

O. Basil said that the website may be slightly sobyrat funds through voluntary donations. O. Nebojsa said that the arrival in Sydney ready to help with the financial burden of the financial load of the Diocese in this time , and that we can not expect support from the outside . O. Basil said he was not present, and the future is in question , it is necessary to discuss. Father John suggested gathering after the service in each parish . O. Basil said that he did not personally against the formal establishment of the diocese. Father John also offered to send a letter to all potential and present members of our Church , even though he knows from experience that it's not very useshno . O. Basil said that the statement is not the Internet - the best option , such as for Sinodalnago home in New York. O.

John asked for . Basil to write such a statement , but on . Basil prefers to be on . John wrote it, even though it is ready to distribute.

Resolved: Discussion took note . John O. - write a statement about . Basil - send it by E-mail

St. John further said that if the Diocese is not a registered organization , then it is impossible to open the bank account, which makes the financial situation unclear. O. Basil did not agree and said that in Canberra , you can open bank account without registering , you only need a letter from the Metropolitan Agafangel that supports it, and announced that we are Australian Diocese . Bank then reveal to us the bill, which would be non-taxable , as in Australia, all the churches are not taxable organization. St. John further explained that the status of " tax-free " only given to registered church organization that conforms to the requirements of Australian Tax Office, which must still formally readability statement , and which recognizes the Australian Tax Office "charitable organization" . O. Nebojsa said that we need to open bank account, and that each of the clergy should donate $ 50 to open an account .
Resolved: All - Further explore the possibilities opened by a bank and spovoby fundraising until the next meeting .

10 . Candidates for ratification
Father John said that did not have time to give a certificate awarded . He asked the Metropolitan, if he has any form - without success. Asked Father John O. Basil contact Fr. Andrew about helping in drawing letters .

Resolved: O. Basil - on contact . Andrew about helping in drawing letters .
O. Basil suggested that it is possible not only to reward Dmitry Kichakova , but Paul and Helen Nardelli , as they greatly helped in creating a monastery. St. John does not mind.

Resolved: Award Paul and Helen Nardelli with a letter .

11. Date and place of next meeting

Father John said that the meeting today said that we need more frequent pastoral testament. Proposed three meetings of the year , to which all agreed . O. Basil said he probably will be in Moscow on April 2nd , but it's still not true. He will know in a week, and will report back then. If he leaves , it is possible to meet the 23rd or 30th of March. If there is , then conveniently Palm Sunday ( April 13th ) in Melbourne.

Resolved: O. Basil - when he can tell Present at the meeting - a week. John O. - call for the next meeting at one of the suggested days.