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"No one man, or group of men, can himself speak for the Church of Christ. It is nonetheless possible to speak from within the Church, in conformity with Orthodox tradition; and it is this that we shall attempt to do." Fr. Seraphim Rose Orthodox Word #1 Jan-Feb 1965 p. 17

The Betrayal of Orthodoxy in America

unknown ROCOR author.  1986 or soon after.
hand written on inside back cover:
 P.O. Box 82
Ashford, CT 06278

page 23, Orthodox Life magazine 1986, March-April:

The problem is still here 30 years later.  (Correct me if I'm wrong), but we have had 2 English-speaking priests ordained since the union and one of them was sent to the Ukraine.  Fr. Gregory's offer of property in Tennessee for a very low-maintenance cost synod headquarters was rejected; but an unaffordable property is readily accepted in New York, crippled by zoning laws, and now they beg for financial maintenance.  At the recent Youth Conference at the American convent the main language spoken was Russian.  There were no English translations of any 2014 Nativity Epistles offered by our synod (that I'm aware of) – the unofficial one posted on the Remnant ROCOR blog was provided by a Bulgarian friend from our Sister Church who is studying English.

These things are painful.  (Some of us have sacrificed much to be Orthodox [family, friends, jobs, homes] and even more to remain in ROCOR after the union.)  And that is why we see articles like the one above.