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ROCA Council of Bishops at May 2014

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ROCA Council of Bishops at Middleburgh, NY.

On May 19-24, 2014, the religious and cultural center at Mountain View, NY, received our esteemed guests, archpastors of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, who gathered in the hall of our center to hold their scheduled Council of Bishops.
It is important to note that this is the first Council of Bishops of our Church held in North America since the signing of the unfortunate union with the Moscow Patriarchia on May 17, 2007 by
Met. Laurus.
That was seven years ago. In that time, the Church not only restored the rightful church administration, now headed by our hierarch, Metropolitan Agafangel (Pashkovskiy) of North America and New York, but also life within the Church has greatly improved. One of the shining examples has been the ROCA Religious and Cultural center at Mountain View, NY, under the stewardship of Archbishop Andronik (Kotlaroff) of Syracuse and St. Nicholas, where monastic life is observed in prayer and services by the brotherhood in honor of St. Menas. It was the location of a recent youth conference, and now, our archpastors have gathered there to decide a range of issues important to the Church.
The Council met on May 19-21 and the minutes can be viewed here:
in Russian  http://vishegorod.ru/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=992&Itemid=44

While in America for the council, the bishops were able to visit Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, where St. Philaret of New York, Met. Anastasy (Gribanovskiy), Archbishop Averkiy (Taushev), slain Brother Joseph (Munoz-Cortes), who protected the Iveron Myrrh-streaming icon of the Mother of God, and many other notable luminaries of the Russian diaspora are buried. The bishops also had the opportunity to visit other locations of interest to them.
On the feast day of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, the teachers of the Slavs, a hierarchical service was held, including not only members of our Council of Bishops, but also Metropolitan Demetrios of All America, the ruling bishop of the American metropolia of the Greek Old Calendar Church, who was invited for the occasion.
This fraternal service was possible because of the recent joyous union of two of the Synods of the Old Calendar jurisdictions of the True Orthodox Church of Greece.
The union in Athens is of great importance, as is the impact of the fraternal Eucharistic communion of our Churches around the Chalice of Christ and our unity in the struggle with ecumenism for the sake of the True Apostolic Orthodoxy of our Holy Fathers!
One hopes that the union of our brothers in Christ, the Greek Old Calendarists, will serve as impetus for dialogue between the ROCA Synod and the various church groups, which came in to being around the time of the destructive union of the previous ROCA Synod with the MP. To that end, a special commission was established at the last Council to address this issue.
At the end of the service, a sermon by our First Hierarch, Met. Agafangel, was heard, followed by a short statement of greeting to all the attendees by Met. Demetrios, who used the example of the lives and work of Sts. Cyril and Methodius and their creation of
the Slavic alphabet to spread the Orthodox faith among the Slavic people, to point out that since the baptism of Russia into Orthodoxy, our brotherly nations constitute one body - the One Church of Christ, united in one religion and one faith in Christ.

To honor their joint service, Met. Demetrios was given an icon of the Mother of God from Jerusalem.
All the clerics and laypeople participated in a trapeza after the service, where all present continued in common celebration.