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Gundychaev and the way of Antichrist

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Gundyyaev and the way of Antichrist
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Patriarch of the Temple of the Antichrist. Unity in Lucifer. 
June 11th, 2012
In Polish

Blessed is the man 
walketh not in the counsel of the wicked 
not the way of sinners 
and do not sit in the seat of scoffers, 
But his delight is in the law of Yahweh, 
on his law he meditates day and night. 
(Psalm 1.1-2) 

May 30, 2012, the Astana (Kazakhstan) 

In the fourth World Congress of religious leaders in Kazakhstan took part sergiański Gundiajew patriarch Cyril, and the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilus. Speaking at an ecumenical forum Kirill stressed the need to preserve the common aspirations of all traditional religions to build the common good and peace in the world. [There is no mention of God in the Trinity, the only Truth, the Way and eternal life - Jesus Christ, the necessity of baptism as the only opportunities to enter the way of salvation, the punishment of hellfire and eternal damnation for those who are scorned victim and mercy of Jesus Christ ... - Admin.] 

Congress was held in the Palace, "Peace and Reconciliation", which was built in the shape of the Masonic pyramid, where the conference room called the "cradle" (home of the Antichrist - admin.) Met representatives of religion, as many as 40 countries in the world. In the pyramid there is the prayer room where they can pray together delegates from different religions. During the speeches of Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and the pseudo-patriarch Cyril, never once mentioned the name of Jesus Christ. Widely adopted there to use the term "Most High". 

When Congress established "Council 14th century," the greatest religious leaders, part of which came in and he Gundiajew. Other members of the Council are: Ashkenazi rabbi of Israel, Jon Metzger, a former governor of the Governorate of Vatican City, Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, the chief mufti and chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan Absattar Derbisali, and representatives of Buddhism, Shinto, Zoroastrianism, etc. 

The text of the Moscow Patriarchate of the superior expression of Patriarch Kirill has been translated and inserted information on the official website of the Polish Autocephalous Church Prawiesławnego. Wanting to read this not once mentioned the Christ, the text refer to the following link: ( Patriarch Kirill at a congress in Astana ). 

It is worth to recall that in 2008 when a similar major religions of the world congress in Moscow on behalf of the Polish Orthodox Church, Archbishop Abel attended Poplawski (Rotary bishop-mason). 

One thing is certain-the apostate bishops are preparing the ground on which it is their "highest" - the Antichrist ... 


As noted by Nursultan Nazarbayev, the first exit nine years ago, there were 19 delegations from 17 countries. 
- "I promised then that we will build a palace for the purpose of special meetings, where, after prayers, everyone will come out filled with the warm and friendly feelings towards each other" - said Nursultan Nazarbayev. 
The pyramid is the room not only for Muslim prayer, salat, but for the religious practices of other religions, but [this time] is not scheduled for any common prayers, either before or after the official meetings of Congress, nor even occurred to simultaneous worship of different religions, at least Orthodox participation. 
- "I think this is a unique temple in which we gather at one table and talk about it that we all have one creator", - Nazarbayev continued his theological excuses. 
- "The thesis of irreconcilable differences between religions - it's just a phantom", - he said at the end of his lecture. 
It is hard not to notice that the Muslims (for example, the Secretary General of the World Islamic League, Sheikh Abdalla Ben Musin at Turki) freely specify, in their speeches, the name of Allah, far from replacing the name "inter-" with "Supreme Being". However, in the lectures of Christian leaders, whether it is the patriarch Cyril, and the governor of Vatican City, Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, very hard to hear the name of Christ. 
- "God is our source of peace and peace in our hearts and on earth" - politically correct, Cardinal Lajolo said. 
In the previous congress, held in July 2009, Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed the creation of the Council of Religious Leaders to develop dialogue and cooperation with other fora and international organizations. Until now, these functions fulfilled Congress Secretariat, cooperate with the Organisation a conference of interreligious dialogue in Doha (Qatar), Mekkańską international conference of Muslim, Madrid international forum. 
In addition to other functions of the new council should be "Global Monitoring for preservation of human rights and freedoms of people", - said Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

Kazakhstan's President spoke of the harassment of believers, as one of the problems of the modern world, referring to the incidents of public burning of "holy books", including the Koran, and the arson of mosques, which have recently taken place. The President reminded that it is now appropriate to the importance of the Muslim world: "Any attempt to inhibit the growth of this world are short-sighted and even dangerous." If you remember about religious discrimination against Christians in the Middle East, it becomes clear that the problem of persecution for their faith is a natural theme of the congress. 
At present, objects of worship szintoistów, Buddhists are adjacent in Astana with mosques, Orthodox churches and synagogues.