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Photos from a Pilgrimage

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Notes are made by the "pilgrim" early fall 2014

Mountain View
The top photo "is the room that was used at the temporary chapel until the church was finished.  N told me that Archbp. Andronik enjoys gardening.  There are goats, and beehives on the property.  I think chickens as well..."


"... Jordanville is between Mountain View and the Convent, but closer to Mountain View so we stopped on our return from Mountain View.
     Photos of the church, monastery, and crypts.
     Photo 2873 (top photo) is St. Philaret's tomb.  I don't remember which hierarchs are the other cyrpt photos.

Photos 2888 is the basement church again.
Photo 2993 is Brother Jose's grave in the cemetery..."
  I.M. Andreev ('Russia's Catacomb Saints') ... is buried next to Brother Jose (not pictured)

Blessed Archbishop Averky


St. Nicholas Convent
"...The Convent owns 43 acres.  I didn't explore because there did not appear to be trails.  I was concerned about the poison ivy which was everywhere, and about getting lost so I only walked along the road..."


Lake Oneida
"... Lake Oneida.  Mother Agapia took me to see the lake on my last afternoon in NY.  There is no public access.  This area is behind a store & gas station.  The camp, St. Andrew, is further along on the lake but the beach is rocky, not a sandy swimming beach.

It was a warm afternoon.  We had ice cream..."

The End.