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Re: St. Philaret opposed western rite

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RTOC Priest Siluan found a post on the Remnant ROCOR blog that he shared with the Euphrosynos Cafe forum.  This was in August 2011, two months before our ROCA synod published a resolve not to use the western rite (or, actually, any liturgical practice other than what our forefathers have given us).  Suaiden was still aggressively pushing the western rite and immediately jumping on anyone who opposed him.  Strangely or not so strangely, Suaiden's push of the western rite ended when ROCA published its resolution.  But at the time Suaiden wrote this below, the ROCA resolution was still two months away.  So when he saw this anti-western rite post he immediately jumped on the RRb team and on Fr. Siluan – trying to bully us to shame us and so that we not dare say anything against the western rite ever again.  This is typical for Suaiden.  No surprise.  Now look at the last few sentences addressed to Fr. Siluan:   What does this mean?  This isn't just a put down.  Is this a threat?  Sure sounds like it to us.  

Re: Some thoughts about "Western Rite"
Imported Image 11.tiffby Suaiden » Thu 25 August 2011 4:17 pm
Priest Siluan wrote:
I read some years ago a very interesting Interview to Matushka Anastasia Shatilova by Portal-Credo, she said St. Philaret was against the so-called Wester Rite, now this interview was posted on a ROCOR-A blog in a "Google-translation" English.

Once again, this is not a general condemnation of the Western rite. Specifically she said he was against the Gallican liturgy and the use of the New Calendar, and that Kovalevsky was an occultist (none of which I disagree with).

I'm a little touched that the Refugee-remnant actually cares what Matushka Anastasia Shatilovna thinks now. I had the privilege of randomly speaking to her just weeks before that fateful accident over the phone (she acted as an interim translator for Metropolitan Valentine when I called the Synod house in Suzdal.) 

Like everything else of course, this discussion is taken out of historical context. Was Bp Gregory against the Western Rite? As it was being used in ROCOR, yes. Did our Metropolitan many years back discuss these matters with him? Yes. Did our Archbishop MEET St Philaret and Bp Gregory to discuss this? Yes. Furthermore, to a degree I agree with Bp Gregory's actions because I care to understand why they were taken, not complain about a man while he lives and then take his words as Gospel 30 years later.

To the horror of the Refugee Remnant THAT was the reason that Vl John went to St Philaret's glorification-- to have a chance to quietly visit with the Saint after it was over. We had no agenda, and have always quietly respected ROCOR's historical positions. We have, for our part, never been punished for our own, until the present day, where frankly, a small group of [slur removed--consider this a public warning that such is not tolerated; do it again and sanctions will follow --Admins] people are focused on "what they think" is Orthodoxy. 

This is a little tiring, Father Siluan. For a number of reasons. I am getting a little tired of these misrepresentations being on your (collective; you+refugee remnant) agenda. And I am now starting to rethink all over again about my father. But we'll leave that for private messages.
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