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"No one man, or group of men, can himself speak for the Church of Christ. It is nonetheless possible to speak from within the Church, in conformity with Orthodox tradition; and it is this that we shall attempt to do." Fr. Seraphim Rose Orthodox Word #1 Jan-Feb 1965 p. 17

A Case of Prelest: thinks he's the Tsar

From Joanna's notepad: 
After receiving this report  I told Mike that I would be unable to post it for serious consideration, but that I could post it as an example of prelest.  He agreed, but wanted to add material (which he has not yet sent) and he recommended that I speak with the ROC (i.e., MP) and with President Putin first before posting, to get more information.  He denies being in prelest because:
"I really don't care about being anyone special, like the Tsar, I'm doing it all for one thing, that is the restoration of Yahushua's church which is as Orthodox as Orthodox can be. Is it possible to be delusional in that quest? Delusional no, dedicated yes."

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I made the trip to Russia

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Mike King

AttachmentSat, Feb 3, 2018 at 3:53 AM
To: "joannahigginbotham@gmail.com"

Hi again Joanna,

1st I thank you for sending the info, of all those I've contacted in the Orthodox Church only you and a Brother in Australia have taken the time to respond. 

I think you should also know what happened when I Visited Saint Peter and Paul’s Church in Saint Petersburg on September 21st 2017.
In August of 2017 I made a trip to Saint Petersburg Russia to pay my respects at the Tombs of Nicholas II and his family and also at the tomb of Tsar Alexander II my Great Great Grandfather. It is said that Tsar Nicholas II was told that he had to sacrifice his self and his son or there would be no adoration, and if there was no adoration the last Tsar would not come. The Tsar and his entire family along with some faithful servants were murdered on July 17th 1918. Monk Able (Avel) said that the last Tsar who will be named Michael III would show up and proclaim his self on September 21st but gave no year only that it would be after a terrible war.

Seeing that our family shows the DNA relationship to the Romanov's, the Russian Orthodox prophecies that our family and myself match, and the spiritual events that happened in my life, I know that there is a high probability that I'm that Last Tsar.

It was because Tsar Nicholas sacrificed himself and his family in order for the last Tsar to come, I knew had to make the journey. This Spring I cashed in all my savings and sold all could to make the trip. On August 29th I departed American Samoa to visit Saint Petersburg Russia. Here is what happened on September 21st when I visited Saint Peter and Paul's cathedral and the tombs of my dead relatives:

On September the 21st after visiting my Great Great Grandfathers grave and praying at the tomb of Tsar Nicholas and his family, and having the my portrait drawn by an artist who said I looked a lot like Tsar Alexander III, I located room where the Monks that still maintain a small section of Saint Peter and Paul's Cathedral.

I approached one young Monk and asked him if he spoke English and a bit surprised that I asked and he said" Yes". I then asked him if today was a special day and he again said "Yes", I replied is it because of what Monk Able had said in his prophecies? and his eyes opened and jaw dropped and he said "Yes!". I then said "isn't this (referring to Saint Peter and Paul's Cathedral) the Heart of Russia?" to which he said "Yes it is!" I then told him that I was one of Tsar Alexander II's Great Great Grandchildren and my name is Michael. I said I had come to pay my respects and pray at the tomb of Tsar Nicholas II, his Family and Tsar Alexander II's Tomb He let out a loud "of Course!" (The paying of respects to love ones and others is an act of adoration). I then handed him the third letter to the Russian Orthodox church and asked him to deliver it up the chain in the church, he assured me that he would and asked me what was in it I told him the missing History of one of Alexander II's sons families and a message to the Church. I thanked him and shook his hand and exited Saint Peter and Paul's Church stepping outside and by our Fathers hand it was exactly Noon when the armory cannon was shot off and the bells of Saint Peter and Paul's rang out.

Being a bit overwhelmed by what had just happened I walked out into the courtyard in front of the Cathedral and said a prayer on the benches while the Church bells continued to ring. When finished I looked up at the Church bell tower and in the second story window there was a Priest in a red robe with white markings looking down at me. He noticed that I saw him and left the window. I then stood up and took a few pictures of the Church, and courtyard using my Android phone and started my walk back to the flat that I had rented at MOYKA 31 River Embankment which I later found out has historical ties to the Saint Peter and Paul’s Cathedral itself.

  The Saint Peter and Paul Fort.

Moyka 31 River embankment

In my visit on September 21st 2017 I had fulfilled most of Monk Able's prophecies given almost 200 years earlier, but as for the last Tsar one Monk Abel prophecy remained unfulfilled as far as I knew, the one of his showing up at the heart of Russia after a terrible war. That was one only God himself could by His hands in motion complete. Unknowing to all due to the negotiations being totally secret it did happen, President Putin did announce that a end of the Syria war had been finalized and on Sept 30th (my 29th the day I arrived back in American Samoa), Putin made the announcement stating that it was finalized in Mid September just a few days before my Visit to the Heart of Russia.

Monk Able was spot on 100% once more from 200 years in the past.
Two more amazing events happened during the trip.

The 1st, when traveling over the Arctic we were greeted by an awesome  Ruby red sun rise where the Sun after it was up remained a Ruby red color for over 1 hr. I think I read in my research that the Red Ruby was the Romanov's favorite Gemstone.

The 2nd. I call an Elijah moment....

I arrived in Russia with only $100.00 to spend on food and extras (my lodging was covered) of that 100 I was only able to exchange $20.00 due to the US bills being old and marked (they are very picky on the condition of the bills). 
I was very worried and a bit hungry... 
While working on my lap top the 1st week in Russia I heard two Ravens nearby but I didn't think much about it then. The next day I looked out of one of the windows in the Kitchen and found This:

Second story apartment window,  no one placed them there. I did look out that window just two days before and they were not there. I opened the window and checked them out and they were not that old. When I saw them I stopped worrying about food knowing Father had me covered. A friend wired me $200 a couple days later. Of that $200 I arrived home in American Samoa with 2,200 Rubles still in my wallet.



Here is the message I delivered to the ROCwhile in Saint Petersburg Ru.

Dear Brothers in Christ Yahushua and Servants of our Father YHWH within the Russian Orthodox Church.
This is my third letter to you in the first two I let you know of the events YHWH has directed in my life I also gave you what meanings I have found connecting those events. No reply from you has ever come back to me. Your own prophet’s words it seems you dismiss. It’s ok, in time you will come to understand.  
I’m no theologian; I have not deeply studied the scriptures like you have throughout your lives. But for His reason our Father has brought me here to you, and placed this message in my heart to deliver to you at this time. His work, His Logos is beyond the expression of words, looking back upon my life I can see His guiding hand in action, and Yahushua’s walking beside me on this journey.
I came to Russia from a small Island in the South Pacific to deliver a message that the time of the end (Tribulation) has arrived. If you truly want to hold an 8th ecumenical council to bring all Christian Religions together; the time is now.
Will it be possible to unite the Christian faiths under Orthodoxy? I think it can be done but 1st Orthodoxy itself needs to be reformed. I’m not talking about reforming to the modern world that would be a major mistake, just like the Roman Catholic Church is currently making in creating an abomination religion accepting all faiths under one Catholic umbrella. No, it must be the restoration of Orthodoxy to the Church of Christ Yahushua, as it existed in the times of the apostles, back when Yahushua sent the Spirit of our Father down to Earth to those in the upper room that blessed Shavuot (Pentecost) day.
Just about all Christian Denominations will not accept being incorporated into a unified Church body as all have their manmade doctrines and manmade Church traditions they follow. They each feel if you are not of them, then you are lost, it’s their way or no other way for salvation. There are over 30,000 different denominations of Christianity today and it is no wonder why so many people are so confused about Christianity. Christianity as a whole today has become Babylon the mystery religion. It is the very few Orthodox Churches that have maintained the closest connections to the Church Yahushua brought. Please forgive me for saying this; but even within the Orthodox Church there are manmade doctrines and traditions that have been introduced. Most of these came from the desire to bring the pagans into the young Church, but once accomplished the manmade doctrines and traditions were never removed.
The many will not commit to one following unless that one is stronger than all, I’m not speaking about physical monitory strength, nor the might found in the numbers that belong, but the spiritual strength that all share that binds them together as one. The spiritual strength exists and is the core strength that all share even today, it is the foundation that all have built upon.
Cast away the doctrines and traditions of man and return to the foundation which is the bedrock, the words and instructions of YHWH and teachings of His Son Yahushua. Place no stones upon the foundation unless each has two or more witnesses in our Father’s word and in the testimony of Yahushua. Let the faith in Yahushua and the power of YHWH that is called his Holy Spirit be the mortar that binds, levels, and fills.
We are told over and over that God’s (YHWH’S) People are those who keep His Commandments and have the testimony of Yahushua (Jesus Christ). Those are the Hebrews who accept Yahushua and the Gentiles grafted in who follow Yahushua. The grafted branch still drinks from the tree it is grafted onto.
17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Revelation 12:17.
12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Revelation 14:12.
14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. Revelation 22:14
King James Bible john 14:21

He that
hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.
1 John 5:3 King James Version (KJV)
For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.
John 15:10
you keep My commandments, you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father's commandments and remain in His love.
Christianity has become Babylon the mystery religion is it no wonder of what we are told in Jeremiah 16:19
Jeremiah 16:19King James Version (KJV)
19 O Lord, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.
I find it so interesting that your Monk Able and others Foretold that your last Tsar would come just before the End Times a time of great turmoil and affliction. Did you know the word Tsar is also the Hebrew word for affliction?
צר tsar {tsar} or צר tsar {tsawr} from 06887; TWOT - 1973a,1973b,1974a,1975a; adj AV - enemy 37, adversary 26, trouble 17, distress 5, affliction 3, foes 2, narrow 2, strait 2, flint 1, sorrow 1, misc 9; 105 1) narrow, tight 2) straits, distress 3) adversary, foe, enemy, oppressor 4) hard pebble, flint
צרה tsarah {tsaw-raw'} from 06862; TWOT - 1973c,1974b; n f AV - trouble 44, distress 8, affliction 7, adversity 5, anguish 5, tribulation 3, adversary 1; 73 1) straits, distress, trouble 2) vexer, rival wife.
I will be leaving Russia in a few days, I depart on the 27th of September as my Visa was only for one month, If you wish to find me I’ll be returning to my home in American Samoa, if you need to contact me you’ll find me there at the end of today and just a stone’s throw to tomorrow.
9/23/2017 is the day the Revelation 12 verse 1 sign occurs on, it is about the birth of Yahushua’s Church.
Peace and Blessings Always;
Michael Richard King
Just one of the Lost Romanov’s, but a chosen one by YHWH.

One last item in the ROC Prophecies, about Russia not having a Tsar for 100 years, well that 100 years will end on July 17th 2018... 

I'm really don't care about any lost fortunes, nor do I care about any crown, heck I was born a King. What I do care about is what the Orthodox Church calls Holy Rus, as I know what "Holy Rus" will be, and that is the Restored Church of Yahushua back to what it was meant to be. 

It's all in the hands of our Father, 

Peace and Blessings 

Michael R. King 

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To the Russian Orthodox Church from Michael Richard King

To my Brothers in Christ our Messiah and servants of our Heavenly Father,
 I have arrived in Russia where my ancestor came from more than a century ago. I’m the first of the descendents of Anna Rebekka Stephan to ever return to Russia. In the next few days I will be visiting the Tombs of Tsar Nicholas and his family at Saint Peter and Paul’s Church here in Saint Petersburg. I see that place as the heart of Russia, much like Jerusalem being the center of Israel but Hebron and the Tomb of the Hebrew Patriarchs being the true heart of Israel. I’ll be visiting Saint Peter and Paul’s Church on September the 21, 2017, to pray at the Tomb of Tsar Nicholas and his family; I hope some of you can join me there in prayer on that day.

 I apologize for not being able to address you in the Russian language. I am an American by birth and only recently learned of my Russian roots. I hold allegiance to no country but I do hold allegiance to our Heavenly Father and do the best I can to keep His Commandments and instructions while following His Son Yahushua (Jesus) in faith. In a way, I am Orthodox as I’m Messianic.

What follows in this letter is the truth of spiritual events that have occurred in my life, what our family has discovered just recently about our Romanov ancestor, and why I have come to Russia at this time.  
It is said that Nicholas II was told that if he didn’t sacrifice himself and his family there would be no adoration, and without the adoration the last Tsar would not come. It was those words that became the deciding factor and have brought me here to Russia.  If there is any possibility that those words are true, I must come to help bring peace to Nicholas’s soul. Your Monk Able also left some prophecies about the last Tsar to come along with his name of Michael. But there is still a much greater reason for my visit, and that reason is the birth of Holy Rus. 

The Romanov Connection:
Since 2015 two of my cousins have had their DNA analyzed and the results showed very close ties to Tsar Nicholas II’s family. I sent my DNA sample in this year and the results were the same. The genetic researchers say that we are very likely cousins to Tsar Nicholas II’s family. I know there have been many who claim it, but our DNA results do show the relationship. My older cousin did a great deal of genealogical research and we know of our Great Great Grandmother’s royal lineage, which goes all the way back to the early Holy Roman Emperors.  While it is connected to many Royal families, the links to the British Royals are too far back to be the strong source of the DNA linkage to the Romanov line. Our Great Great Grandmother’s name as recorded was Anna Rebekka Stephan, and she was from Germany/Prussia. Records show that she was married on December 2, 1832,  to Gustav Hermann Eberlein. The date of my Great Grandfathers birth is a bit of a mystery.  His death records show him being born in (C) 1845 but family stories passed down do not match that date. Also, in the records of the Eberlein family, there is a statement that he was “not an Eberlein”. If that was the case, Anna had to be pregnant when she and Gustav were married and our Great Grandfather, Ernest Wilhelm Eberlein was possibly born just a month or two after the marriage. It is also known that Anna died the day after he was born and Gustav adopted him and raised him as an Eberlein. 

Ernest died on Feb 14, 1899, from an “accidental” gunshot wound (a 22 caliber bullet) that struck his heart. In the reports they said he was an old man at the time. If he was born in 1845 and died in 1899 he would have been only 54 years old, which even back then was not considered to be very old.  If he was born in 1833, he would have been 66 at the time of his death, and that would have been considered old. 

As you know, all biological cousins share a common grandparent. Our family’s DNA shows a cousin relationship to Nicholas II’s family, and it is possible that Tsar Alexander II is that common grandparent. It’s also very interesting that my Cousins Jim and John look a lot like Nicholas I and Alexander II. I have shown a portrait of Alexander III to my co workers and they say I look very much like him (I don’t know about that, he was much better looking than I). 

Even more striking is the resemblance of my Grandmother Bertha W. Eberlein (Martin) to Grand Duchess Olga Romanov. These two photos are of them at about the same age.

Ernest W. Eberlein looked a lot like Prince Michael Romanov.

One option to uncover the DNA mystery is for the family to have our DNA analyzed even further; mtDNA is from the Mother so it will not provide much insight as Ernst married a Wilhelm from Hesse and it would be her mtDNA that was passed down the line. By collecting the Autosomal DNA from the members of the family and looking for genome matches a fuller Autosomal DNA map can be created that then can be compared to the Romanov families DNA.  I have one offer of help in the DNA analysis from Dr. Victor Weedn who was on the project that Identified Nicholas II’s family remains through DNA analysis. The second option is to exhume Ernest and attempt to collect a DNA sample from his remains, which will be costly and may not be able to be done due to the period of time since his death in 1899. If we can get a good sample, the Y chromosome (if he is Alexander II’s son), will match Alexander III’s Y chromosome (and Nicholas II’s). Unfortunately, the cost of exhuming Ernst and collecting any DNA (if possible) is more than I or the extended family can presently afford at this time.

In researching The Tsar Alexander II, I have found an interesting correlation time wise. Edvard Radzinsky, in his book Alexander II the Last Great Tsar, states that, at ages 14 and 17, Alexander II fell in love with young servants of his mother’s lady-in-waiting. The names he provided were Natalya B. for the first and Olga K for the second.  (These may have been a Russian Orthodox names given to them or alias names created by Mr. Radzinsky).

Mr. Radzinsky states of Natalya B, “The very serious circumstances forced his mother to speak to his father and Natalya B. was sent packing, married off to someone hastily.” If Alexander II was 14 years old, that would be the year 1832-33, the same year Anna R. Stephan and Ernst W. Eberlein were married. Olga B, at age 17-18, would correlate to an 1837 wedding date. Radzinsky states that the second lady-in-waiting was also sent off, to be married to a young Prussian officer. When Ernst died, he did leave behind an old 1860’s Prussian war medal said to be from his father. 

There is no birth certificate record for Ernst, only a reference in the Eberlein records that he was not a true Ederlein. There is also no date for Anna’s death recorded.  We only know from family history it is said she that she died a day after giving birth to Ernst. We did find a possible birth year for Anna (C) 1808. If that is correct, she could have been older than Alexander II. Since Ernst wasn’t an Eberlein as recorded, that would indicate that Anna was pregnant before they were married. His biological father  can be known by his DNA, if we can get a good sample.

Because the Romanov DNA is found within the family and the very strong resemblances to the Tsars Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III and Prince Michael, I honestly think that Ernst’ biological father most likely was Alexander II. 

 Anna Rebekka Stephan was descended from a long line of Royals and also very early Church Saints. The lineage of those Saints goes all the way back to King David. Anna’s heritage also fits with the common practice of choosing ladies of Noble families to be the Tsaritsa’s ladies – in –waiting.

If the Russian Orthodox Church thinks that it would be important for Russia to know that there still is another branch of the Romanov family line from Alexander II alive today, then I humbly ask that the Russian Orthodox Church might help my family fill in a lost piece of their heritage. The cost to have a certified forensic lab exhume Ernst, collect his DNA, and analyze it, and then to rebury Ernst will be somewhere between $40,000.00 to $45,000.00 USD. There is also the logistical cost of travel, lodging etc. This cost is beyond the ability of those family members who are interested in our Russian roots. I would also like to have a Father from Russian Orthodox Church there on site for services when he is reburied, if indeed he is of the Romanov family. If you do desire to help, it would be fine if an account were to be set up where we might be able to have the contracted services send the bills.  I’ll do all I can from this end to oversee the whole process and keep it within any amount provided.

There are several more possible sources of information that might still exist; 1) The diaries that Alexander II kept when he was young;  2) The memoirs of Vassily Zhukovsky;  3) The Royal records, if there are any records of who the ladies-in-waiting were from 1831- 1837;  and 4) any records that the Russian Orthodox Church may have. Unfortunately, I can neither read nor speak Russian and cannot afford a translator while here in Russia.   

A little about myself as an introduction; 
My full name is Michael Richard King; I’m Ernst’s Great Grandson, and possibly the Great Great Grandson of Tsar Alexander II. My mother, Mitzi Martin, was the youngest daughter of Bertha Wilhelmine Eberlein, who was Ernst’s 2nd youngest daughter. I was born on June 8, 1957, in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. I am 60, single, and never married.  I lost the love of my life when I was 17 and never found another lady like her, and I’m still searching.
I hold two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Environmental Science and the other in Environmental/Public Health, and have minor degrees in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Micro biology, Environmental Engineering, and Public Health Administration.  I have been self-employed and have also worked for several companies.

I left the mainland USA and moved to the small US Territory of American Samoa in 2003. I run a non-profit 501-(c)-3 conservation organization called The Coalition of Reef lovers (www.corl.org) that I founded in 1999. The main goal of CORL is the preservation of the coral reef habitat. I like to swim, SCUBA Dive, I love fishing, and I also enjoy creating environmental awareness videos to teach students about the living resources of the island. Until recently, I worked for the American Samoa Power Authority as a Recycling Manager, which was a big challenge.  Being in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean on a small island creates significant obstacles to overcome in developing a functional recycling program. 

I am Christian (raised Lutheran) and Messianic. I keep our Fathers’ Commandments, Holy Days and follow His Son Yahushua (Jesus) in faith. I am studying The Russian Orthodox Church, and from what I have learned so far, I like much of what I have found in Orthodoxy.   It is truly beautiful, but I’m worried that some within Orthodoxy seem to be moving back toward Rome.

The Spiritual events that have happened in my life:
At the start of this letter I mentioned Monk Able of the Russian Orthodox Church. I was going to hold back what follows, but due to the way things are now progressing in our world, I feel that it’s pertinent that I should let you know now of a few spiritual events that have occurred in my life. I’ve attempted to contact the Russian Orthodox Church directly about them by e-mail in the recent past because of the discovered Romanov connection and what their Monk Able had said, but I have never have received any reply.

The first event I was told about happened just a few days before I was born.  When I was young (around age of 8) my mother told me that, just prior to my birth, an Angel told her to name me Michael. I came into the world 12 days earlier than I was expected to arrive, on June 8, 1957, in Grand Rapids MI, in the early evening. At the time of my birth it was the start of the Sunday Shavuot (Pentecost) in Jerusalem. The day she was visited could have been Sivan 6, the other observed Shavuot. 
On my 16th birthday a young Chaplin at a Christian summer camp we often visited as a family had a vision and told me that I was the Man Child. That young Chaplin became a major Messianic teacher, his name is Michael Rood. Interesting note; the camp was founded the same day I was born June 8th 1957. I’m neither a follower or supporter of Mr. Rood.
While growing up I had many small spiritual events happen to me, but on the evening of my 18th birthday I had a major event happen. That year I was guided to help my dad with a group of Boy Scouts from the inner city to be able to attend a Boy Scout’s summer camp. Due to a scheduling mishap the scout troup’s reserved week was canceled, and they had to attend the 1st week that the camp was opened, starting on June 8, 1975. By the Scout Camp rules, there had to be two adults present with the scouts during the camp week.  Unfortunately, none of the adults who were going to accompany the scouts could attend the camp due to the short notice. My cousin, John, volunteered to help, but they were still one adult short, so I volunteered. Because my 18th birthday would be the first day of the camp they let me be the 2nd adult needed. After arriving at the camp we started setting up the equipment and supplies. By the time night came and all the scouts were in their tents we were exhausted. John and I put out the campfire and retired to our tent for the night. I fell asleep almost instantly, and I had a very vivid dream/vision. In the dream, I met a spirit being in human form that told me that I was to be given a message I “would not remember until it was the time but would also be given a Key I could never forget”. I was awoken from that dream/vision by an intense pain in my right upper arm just above the elbow. I had received a burn like injury that had no physical cause. Of that night I only remembered two additional things: When I left the tent I felt something dripping off my head, and as I was looking for the first aid kit, (I was in great pain from the injury) a thought came to me. It was like it was spoken but only in my head.  What I heard was, “The pain you feel is nothing compared to the pain the Messiah felt when he was crucified for the sins of the world.” For 37 years these were the only things that I remembered of the dream/vision of June 8, 1975. When the injury healed it left a permanent scar and within that scar is 3 numbers, “999”, which can only be the Key I could never forget.  The day of the event itself seems to be sealed with the key, as 6/8/1957 day I was born, day of the event 6/8/1975 and age of 18 when reduced equal 9, and together 999.  
In the fall of 1975 I almost died while hunting in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It was on November 10th and I had decided to spend a week with my dad where he was working at Cloverland Electric, in Chippewa County. I went out that morning to hunt a snowshoe hare (rabbit) for a dinner. To get to the area I had chosen for the hunt, I had to walk a few miles across an open field. It was a beautiful day, but the woods were dead quiet - no wildlife was out at all. Clouds started moving in as I continued deeper into the forest. At about noon the wind was gusting and a freezing rain started. At that point, I was a few miles into the forest and decided to turn around and start back to the power plant where my father was working. By the time I reached the field the winds had reached gale force and the rain was frozen ice pellets.  Unfortunately, I had to walk directly into the storm to safety. The walk across the field turned into a battle for survival. The wind hit hurricane force that day and I had to wade through 2’ snow drifts at times. Walking into the wind was like swimming upstream against the current. Several times I fell to my knees, and I prayed to our Father more than once. With hypothermia setting in and my feet and face frozen I prayed again to our Father, that my life was His and to do what He wished. I got up once more and pushed forward a bit. Then I heard a voice say to travel away from the direction I was taking to another.  It was one that would double the distance to safety, but I obeyed, and found myself in an area where the wind was greatly reduced. From there I was able to resume my course to the shelter within the wind break. I know that if I hadn’t changed my course they would have found me frozen to death in that field. It was in that storm that the Edmund Fitzgerald sunk and its crew of 29 perished. I still can remember the calls over the emergency radio in the power plant’s office as I thawed out. The Canadian songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot, wrote a song about the fate of the Edmund Fitzgerald that became well known. Very little is known about all the fishermen and hunters that perished that day also, when the Gales of November came early. 

Our Father speaks to us, we only need to hear Him and obey, and then we will arrive at His sheltered place.
Even after that brutal experience with the Gales of November I decided to go to college at Lake Superior State University (LSSU) in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, upon finishing high school. The wilderness, with its hunting and fishing, along with the beauty found there, was irresistible to me. But, from that day on, I had a much greater respect for the wilderness and how fast the weather can change. It was while I attended LSSU that my next two spiritual experiences happened. 

While at college I became involved in a small, non-denominational Bible church, the First Church of Christ.  Of all the churches that I have ever visited, it was the one I felt the most at home and welcomed in. The teachings were all straight out of the Bible, word for word, and no dogma at all involved. If I remember correctly, Pastor Roy Chenoweth also gave both Saturday and Sunday Services. The spirit within the congregation was truly beautiful, and each member went out of their way to help the others the best they could. There were times in the brutal Upper Peninsula of Michigan winters when I’d walk out of my townhouse expecting a freezing cold two mile walk to the church only to find a member pulling into the parking lot to give me a warm ride. Good churches still exist in the USA, but are few and far between these days. 

Because I felt so welcomed in that church, I decided that it was the place to be baptized as an adult. I talked to the pastor about it and he said OK and to decide on a date. I told him how about in two weeks on 4/23/1978, and he said OK. I didn’t realize it at the time, but 4/22/78 was the first day of Passover (a day of preparation), which was from sundown of the 21st to sundown on the 22nd. Sundown on the 22nd is the start of the 1st feast day of first fruits (The 1st day after Passover Shabbat is known as the Feast of First Fruits Day) and ended at sundown on the 23rd. For some reason one elder who was a Jewish convert had a problem with me being baptized on the Feast of First Fruits Day and had Roy ask if I was of any Jewish decent. At that time I didn’t realize I was of any Jewish decent as both families didn’t know anything about it. So when Roy asked, I said no, and that for some reason made it OK with the Elder. So on early April 23 after the church service I experienced a full Immersion Baptism, but something happened when I was immersed. It had been a very grey rainy day, but at the very time that I was immersed underwater a bright light flooded the church. The light startled Roy and caused him to keep me under for a bit, and what he had told me would be a quick dip but it turned into 4-5 seconds! I opened my eyes under the water and I could see a very bright light above me while I was submerged. Roy helped me back up and apologized, saying he had been distracted by what happened. The light had diminished and the rain continued. This was witnessed by 40-50 people. Afterward, many congregation members attended a special First Fruits meal downstairs at the church, during that meal several approached me and said that when I was immersed the church was flooded by very bright light; some said they heard thunder and one elated older lady said she heard Angels singing. The feast of First fruits also is the beginning of the “Counting of Omer”, the counting of seven Sabbaths 50 days to the “Feast of Weeks” in Hebrew Shavuot, in Greek Pentecost. Shavuot celebrates the first fruit of the wheat harvest. At the time I was born it was the start of Shavuot in Jerusalem. 

My third spiritual event happened during my senior year of college in the winter of 1980, and fulfilled a vision Roy had received and told me about.  He said that my faith would be tested and I would either fail or overcome and would receive a message. That early winter I had stayed behind during the Thanksgiving to New Years semester break to conduct the needed work at the college’s Fish Hatchery Laboratory. I’m not sure of the date, but I believe it happened on a Friday or Saturday night, December 5th or 6th. I lived in an area where my apartment was isolated from everyone and just about everyone I knew was gone. I was alone that night, and it was snowing hard with 6-8” of fresh snow on the ground. I was quite distraught about the situation as everyone I knew was with their families and having a good time while I was stuck in a frozen city taking care of a college fish lab. At that time, I was finishing up my 1st bachelors degree and college was ending, but the economy was on a downswing and the sweet State Governmental job that I had lined up after graduation had just disappeared due to the economics of the Reagan administration. That night in my despair and anguish over everything, I called out aloud to our Father “Why?!” and there was an answer! A male voice that came from all around me called me by my name “Michael” and said “your life is not without meaning you will do a great task for me in it”. But that was all He said. As I look back it could have been possibly telepathic but it was so clear it was as if the person speaking was right next to me, it radiated a great authority and I felt the voice physically. OK, first thing I thought was someone had heard me loudly say “Why?!” and was messing with me. I went outside and walked around my apartment, the business in front was closed and dark and there were no footprints in the snow but mine going all around the building! It was the only time in my life that I have been contacted in such a manner, the whole event left me quite bewildered and also left me with more questions in my life. Who spoke to me? What is the task that I would do for Him? And what was the meaning of the three 9s left upon my arm? I eventually accepted that it had to be Yahweh (God) that spoke to me, there was no misleading in the message, and it was simple and direct. It was a statement of fact that I would do an important task for the one speaking to me in my life. I understand that the Bible states that no one can see the face of Yahweh and live and no one has heard his voice at any time. Some say Yahweh speaks through His Angels, I guess that may have been the case, but the voice said “you will do a great task for me in it”. “Me”.
It was on my 55th birthday in 2012 that the memory of the vision of 6/8/1975 was finally restored - a full 37 years after the event. In the vision the first spirit that I met was an Angel named Raziel and after he spoke to me and showed me the message, I was sent to another spirit whom he introduced and pronounced as “Yah-oo-shua” (Yahushua), who most today call Jesus. Yahushua said that I was placed at the end of times for my purpose and that there was another (or others) like myself that I must search for. He then said something that deeply shocked me; he said I was “a Christ” to which I screamed “NO!” He just smiled lovingly at me and said “In time you will understand.” And I do now understand Christ from Christos in Greek, and means anointed one. Yahushua was telling me I am an anointed one of our Fathers choosing. That night I did feel a light oily substance on my head when I exited the tent. 

Seeing what has been discovered as my being of Romanov blood and with Monk Able’s prophecy of the last Tsar being Michael III I truly understand now. I am the Michael that Able and other Saints saw in their visions; by God’s hand I will become your last Tsar Michael III. But the title really isn’t that important the message I bring to you is and that is about the birth of Holy Rus.
 It’s interesting that the letters III is used to represent the 3rd as “I” is also the 9th letter of the English alphabet so III could be also seen as 999. 

We know that the Jewish Cabal was behind the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. In my searching of the 999 key’s meaning I discovered that the Cabal’s most guarded secret has to do with the same 3 number 9’s that is “999”. The reason for this secret of the 999 to them is not public, and I have searched diligently for it. I do however believe that the prophets of the Russian Orthodox Church have given a clue when they said that even the Antichrist would fear the Last Tsar. I truly feel that the Cabal’s greatest fear is of the one who will come with the 999 placed upon his shoulder as it marks the coming of the restored church (Holy Rus) and they know their time is nearly over. 
The Masons like to show their dark knowledge cryptically and they also played a part in the Murder of Nicholas and his family. 999/666 is how they see it, the 999 above and 666 below. 

The Key 999:
The Numbers 333,666, and 999 are important and are in the Bible but 999 is hidden. The oldest and therefore purest NT writings is the Greek bible (some say that most of the NT was written in Greek but it is most likely that it was Aramaic and 1st translated to Greek). Bible numerology is referred to as Gematria which gives each letter a value the total value of the word and sentence are linked. No verse in the Greek bible  has a value of 999, and only four words do, in order of 1st appearance (and their translations)  they are;
Endoxos = Glorious    Luke7:25
Apoluo =    Release     John 19:12
Diaphero=   Be            Act 13:49
Plero=          Fulfil        Gal 5:14 

“Glorious Release Be Fulfil.” 


While fulfil (fulfill) today means the completing in early AD days it meant a bit more, fulfil meant then verified and/or fully preached. This adds quite a bit to the message that I discovered that was hidden within the bible. It also has direct implications to what the Angel had told me years before when I received the 999 mark. I also know that it has to do with the birth of Holy Rus.

999 in Hebrew

The Old Testament is written in Hebrew the words of it also can equal #s there are two ways of looking at Hebrew word values. One is Jewish Gematria, the other is Strong’s Index for Jewish words. Using Strong’s Hebrew only 1 word in one verse in the whole bible has Strong’s value of 999 (understanding) (Biynah) (בינה biynah (Aramaic) {bee-naw'} corresponding to 0998; TWOT - 2627; n f AV - understanding 1; 1 1) understanding, discernment)

Dan 2:21 And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: 

In the light of events concerning the Russian Tsars and the last Tsar that verse is very interesting. 

No word or verse in Ordinal Hebrew Gematria equals 999. Only 1 word equals 999 in Hebrew “Full Gematria” that word of all things is Maphteach the Hebrew word for Key, מפתח, the verse it is found in is Isaiah 22:22 (note: Full Gematria Value; The Full Value of a word is calculated by replacing each letter of the word with its name, and summing the result. Rabbinical Tradition refers to this as the (Milo, Full) spelling).  Many feel that it is the Man Child being spoken of in this verse.

Isaiah 22:22 “The key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder;
So he shall open, and no one shall shut; And he shall shut, and no one shall open”

This verse in the Old Testament is linked to a verse in the New Testament.

 Revelation 3 v7-8

7And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; 
 8I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. 

There is much more to the 999 Key but it would be a very long message if I were to provide it all at this time.

One very important last item; In a few days on 9/23/2017 the great sign of Revelation 12 verse 5 occurs in the Heavens. It’s very interesting that Monk Able’s Sept 21 date is 2-3 days before it in 2017, Sept 21st is also predicted to be Rosh Hashana in 2017 and it is on Sept 21 2017 that Venus and Regulus are in conjunction at the Christ angle at the Great Pyramid in Giza. There are two signs in Heaven showing the birth of a King or Kings in those days. 

I find it very interesting that on 9/23/2017 (the sign in the Heavens about the birth of the Man Child) I will be 22,022 days old and that it is in Isaiah 22:22 (a verse about the Man Child) is the one verse that contains the Hebrew word for Key that equals 999 found in the Old Testament. It was most likely on the night of 6/5/2017 that my mother was visited by the angel so actually 6/6/1957. From the day my name was given by the Angel, to Monk Able’s September 21 date in 2017 is also 22,022 days.
Isaiah 22:22, 22022 days. 

Isn’t there also something Saint Seraphin said about 2x2 ? 
Venus is also spoken about in Revelation chapter 2 verse 28 “And I will give him the Morning star” This is in reference to the over comer who has a rod of Iron (The Man Child). I feel that the assembly being written to is Thyatria. I think Thyatira in the end times is the Catholic Church, and the Orthodox Church as the remnant spoken of in verse 24.

I would really appreciate it if someone from the Russian Orthodox Church could talk to me about the spiritual events that have occurred in my life. I’m staying at Moika 31 apartment 3 river embankment I can be reached by e-mail Mikerking@msn.com. I have given up all I have and loved to come to Saint Petersburg  not only to find answers to who my Great Great Grandfather was but also answers to those spiritual events that have happened to me along with visiting the Tomb of Nicholas II and his family. If Ernst indeed is the Son of Tsar Alexander II then there will be no doubt that I’m the Michael that Monk Able spoke of. 

I will be at Saint Peter and Paul’s Church on September 21st I do hope you can send someone before then to talk to me, but if you can’t I do hope that one of your Monks can at least join me at the Tomb in prayer.
I’ll be departing Russia on September 27th and heading back to American Samoa if you decide not to speak to me during this visit you will find me there in the future. Where today ends, and just a stone throw from tomorrow.

Peace and Blessings,
Sincerely yours;
Michael Richard King.